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At WECOVERED, we understand the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by landlords in the UK. That's why we offer comprehensive landlord insurance tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your rental properties are well-protected against a range of risks.

Bespoke Coverage: Whether you own a single property or a portfolio of rentals, our policies are designed to cater to your individual requirements, offering flexibility and peace of mind. Comprehensive Protection: Our landlord insurance covers a wide range of scenarios including property damage, loss of rental income, liability claims, and unoccupied properties. Affordable and Transparent: We believe in offering quality coverage at competitive prices. With no hidden fees, what you see is what you get.

Building and Contents Cover: Protect your property and its contents against damage from fires, floods, theft, and more. Loss of Rent Insurance: In the event your property becomes uninhabitable, we cover the lost rental income. Liability Coverage: Safeguard yourself against liability claims from tenants or visitors who may suffer injury or property damage. Legal Expense Cover: Get support for legal disputes related to your rental property, including eviction proceedings.

Emergency Assistance: Quick response for emergency repairs, ensuring minimal disruption to your tenants and rental income. Simple, Digital, Hassle-Free:

With WECOVERED, managing your landlord insurance is a breeze. Our digital platform allows you to get a quote, modify your policy, and handle claims online, anytime and anywhere.

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Home and Landloard InsuranceBuy to let insurance

Most mortgage providers will insist you have landlord insurance in place if you are buying a property to let it out.

Home and Landloard InsuranceBenefit of the cover

It will not cover things like unpaid rent or malicious damage caused by a tenant, all this can be added to a landlord insurance policy.

Home and Landloard InsuranceCover you need

The cover you want to build into your policy will depend on the type of property you are letting out, and what level of security blanket you want.

What's covered?

  • Lost Keys
  • Building
  • Contents
  • Emergency Repair
  • Legal Expense Cover
  • Malicious Damage

Online Home and Landloard Insurance

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Install a smoke detector, burglar alarm and join the neighbourhood watch scheme.
You will be offered a majority of extras, only consider the cover you require
Overestimating the value of your possessions could see you pay more for your insurance than you need to
Paying monthly payments it will increase the insurance premium.